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Two Thoughts on Tuesday – #173

Posted by AngelBaby on October 15, 2012

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Well I am sorry I did not come by last week, I completely forgot all about top sites. The good thing is that I remembered this week and I am quite proud of myself for it. I have found out why I am so forgetful and not able to remember some words or other things, it is called Chemo Brain and I have it. I have always had a good memory and now I just can not remember some words when I am trying to tell someone something and it drives me crazy. I could not remember the word debate today when I was talking to my sister. At least I play cards all day at work, that is suppose to help your brain recover if you can remember to do it. LOL!

Thant brings me to another thought …………… at work last week one of the guys I work with asked me “Why I cut my hair like a boy?” Then he asked me “Do you want to look like boy?” He went on for a while asking me questions about me hair and why I wanted to be a boy, I just sat back and listened. When he was finished I said “I did not cut my hair. I had chemo because I had cancer and my hair fell out.” All he did was stand there and stare at me for about thirty seconds and turned around and walked away. I have run into him a few times since this happened and he just looks at me like I am so sorry, I just do not know what to say. He was lucky that I am not real sensitive about my hair so I did not get upset. I just felt sorry for him that he did not realize that maybe I had cancer and that is why my hair is so short.

It makes me wonder if others feel the same way because they look at me rally funny when they see me. Maybe I should wear a sign that says I had chemo because I had cancer and my hair fell out. No I do not want to be a boy! Yes my hair fell out but it is growing back very nicely and that makes me happy. I really do not care what people think I just wonder.

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  1. Bud Said,

    Hi, AngelBaby –

    People who have no experience with cancer just don’t know about things like the effects of chemo. For years, I would mentally comment on women in hats or scarves or with short haircuts (or course, i was raised polite enough not to say anything), Then, when Muri had breast cancer, I learned all about things like the effects of chemo. Now, when I see hats and scarves and short hair, I mentally say a prayer instead. People can be remarkably oblivious.

    Now, I have a question. If your forgetfulness is due to chemo brain, what’s my excuse? 🙂


  2. Cheryl P. Said,

    What is wrong with people?? It was rude for the guy to make any remarks concerning your short hairdo. Obviously, he hasn’t heard of “if you can’t say soemthing nice don’t say anything.” He needs to apologize…verbally…face to face. (BTW, Personally, I like really short hairdos on women, no matter what their reasons are.)

    Which brings me to a second point. When I occassionally see a person with health issues I try to be sensitive. Do peope not know that any one of us might be affected by a major health issue as some point? Why aren’t we more compasionate?

    I am glad you aren’t letting people hurt you.


  3. Trina Said,

    I’ve never lost my hair before, but I know ladies that have. I’ve been told that it’s the worst part of everything – they felt like they were “women” anymore. Support from friends and family got them through it all.