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The Fireman and The Angel

Posted by AngelBaby on March 19, 2008

They were in the firehouse eating dinner when the call came in; a house fire with people still inside. They left their dinner, threw on their turnouts and raced to the fire. It was in a nice neighborhood with lots of children.

When they got to the house it was a blaze. Neighbors were outside screaming, “there are children inside, hurry”. Some of the fireman ran into the burning house with their hoses to find the children, while the others started putting water on the burning house with long heavy hoses. Inside the smoke was thick and it was hard to see. They could not find the children so they split up. Each one took a different direction. Then the call came in; the only child still in the house was a little girl. The smoke was thick and the flames were hot. It was an awful place to be, but all the firemen could think of was the little girl. Read the rest of the story

Love and Blessings,

  1. Gimme A Dream Said,

    What an amazing story! I was so thrilled to read a happy ending as I dislike it when the other happens. There are angels amongst us.

  2. Darrel Said,

    this was a well written story that touced my heart. I FULLY believe in angels and know that I have one that watches over me every day like the Angel that saved the little girl and the fireman. God Bless you for sharing this wonderful story. Always, Darrel

  3. AngelBaby Said,

    Gimmy A Dream,

    When the Angels are involved there is always a happy ending! They want us to be happy and have joy in our lives.

    Love and Blessings,

  4. AngelBaby Said,


    You have more than one Angel with you. Two are assigned to you when you are born they never leave you. I like knowing that I have two to watch over me. I need them both to take care of me! LOL!

    I am glad that these stories touch your heart. The Angels want us to remember that they are here for us to guide us through out our lives with love and comfort.

    Love and Blessings,

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  6. AngelBaby Said,


    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a note. It makes me happy to know that you like my site, I hope you come back again soon.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Love and Blessings,

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  8. AngelBaby Said,


    I am glad you like my site, yes we did customize it a bit. It was a lot of fun to do too.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Love and Blessings,