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Posted by AngelBaby on August 9, 2009

Joan Wester Anderson of of is so kind to let me share this story with everyone. She has written several books about Angels filled with many stories and information about Angels. Joan also has a Web site about Angels. She is such a dear friend to share her stories with us. Thank you so much my dear friend.

If you would like to share your stories about encounters with Angels, I would love to share them.


Now to the story ……

Kathleen Hauk, of Barrington, Illinois, was delighted when she discovered she and her husband were going to be parents. But the news didn’t slow her down. “In winter, 1999, I became vice president of marketing for a new website, and the job was very stressful,” she says. “Even though I was five months along at that point, I couldn’t slow down.”

On the way home one frigid evening, Kathleen was driving on a six-lane highway, well over the speed limit, and so distracted by thoughts of work that she didn’t notice the police car behind her–until he turned on his lights. Surprised and embarrassed, Kathleen pulled left, onto the median strip.

The officer walked over to her car as traffic whizzed past. “License and registration,” he said curtly. Meekly, Kathleen surrendered the papers. She had been wrong, and she knew it. If only life wasn’t so hectic.. …….. Read more ………

I would love to hear your stories about Angels so please share them with me. I hope you enjoyed this story – let me know how you liked it.

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