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Posted by AngelBaby on September 23, 2009

Joan Wester Anderson of of is so kind to let me share this story with everyone.

If you would like to share your stories about encounters with Angels, I would love to read them.

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You may have heard of Youth for Christ, an organization created to help young Christians grow in their own faith, while also giving them the support and tools to offer God’s message of forgiveness and love to their peers. Amy King belongs to an offshoot of Youth for Christ, a performing group called Spirit Borne. The kids often reach peers by performing, and then ministering after the shows.

In February 2003, Spirit Borne was doing a production of Joseph the Dreamer in the town of Picton, Ontario. “To picture where this town is,” says Donna, Amy’s mother, “look at any map that includes Lake Ontario. On the north side of that lake (in the middle) you will see a jagged outcrop of land, which juts into the lake. This outcropping is called Prince Edward County and Picton is the county seat, situated near the bottom of this man-made island. I mention this, because its location has always made it subject to some pretty vicious snow and ice storms.”

On that weekend, the weather was brutal, and to make matters worse, the teens would be performing in an old drafty theater. All day long, as they rehearsed, they dashed back and forth through an alley alongside the theater. “Strung across the alley, about three stories up, was a thick hydro cable,” Donna remembers. “And hanging from the cable was an icicle that had developed to such proportions that at its thickest part, it was about the size of a teen’s upper torso. Like all icicles, it came to a sharp deadly point.” Apparently no one noticed the icicle. The teens ran back and forth, avoiding the cold air as much as possible, blissfully unaware of the danger above them. None of the adult leaders saw the icicle either.

After the final rehearsal, the entire cast of about 40 teens plus the adult leaders, went across town to a local church for supper. By the time they returned, people had already begun to arrive, so once again, the teens went through the alley to get backstage for costumes, make-up and pre-performance worship. The last teenager was just passing under the icicle when he heard a loud crack.  Read the rest of the story here ……….

I would love to hear your stories about Angels so please share them with me. I hope you enjoyed this story – let me know how you liked it.

Love and Blessings,



  1. telepun Said,

    Dear Author !
    I agree with told all above. We can communicate on this theme.

  2. Alyde Said,


    I`m from Mexico and i work together with Angels since some years ago. Everything begun to be in touch with my Protector Angel, i know his name but he is shy. Well i have a real story about Angels protection.
    In January 2nd 2006, i was walking trough the streets of my birthplace, were like 7 pm and i could see people running in the night, suddenly i saw a guy came running and i continued walking calmed, suddenly he hold me and he asked me my purse, i had a new celular and my full payment also some extra money to make some payments. I look all around and nobody were there, i tough he could make me hurt and the only thing i could think that few seconds is to call my protector Angel, so i claimed him his help, and suddenly the guy let me and he ran the same way he came, he didn´t stolen me nothing, neither he hurt me.
    I have a promise to work together the Light and i can listen them already and to me it´s a pleasure help other people, if you need something just ask for their help and they will give you as soon as possible, believe me.


  3. AngelBaby Said,


    This is a beautiful story about your Guardian Angel, I would love to put this story on my Inspirational stories page.
    Let me know if that is ok with you. Thank you for sharing this.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

    Love and Blessings,