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Posted by AngelBaby on November 18, 2008

We know that you do not always hear us speaking to you so sometimes you will have feelings, visions or just a knowingness about something.  We want to help you so we give you messages the way you can understand them.  These are divine messages from us so trust them.  If you want to receive clearer messages from us that are easier to hear, feel, have a vision or a knowingness, they will be clearer when you are alone in a quiet place that is peaceful.  We are here for you always.  We love you and want to help you so be quiet and listen, we are here.

Love and Blessings,

  1. Tom Usher Said,

    Hello Angel Baby,

    I’ve been wondering about your views on Jesus and God.

    I’ve also wondered about your position about the thing called “The Law of Attraction.”

    Also, is that your picture at the top of your blog?

    Where do angels leave off and demons begin?

    Are you an advocate of “free love” or sex only within marriage or …?

    I ask these things not in the spirit of wanting some heated debate, just in case that’s a concern. You seem too mellow for that. I don’t think you’d reply in a way that would appear to anyone that you would want to stir up the opposite of reasonable tranquility.

    I’m just interested. I will respond with perhaps more questions, but I’ll be gentle.

    I don’t come across as gentle to those who come to my site to attack, which many do. They feel attacked by my message. That’s up to them. Not everyone feels attacked. Perhaps you’ve heard the old expression, “If the shoe fits.” It fits with Jesus’s words. The people who hated him saw themselves in his parables about people hurting others.

    Well, God bless you and may His angels of light through-and-through watch out for you.

    Tom Usher
    Real Liberal Christian Church and Christian Commons Project

  2. AngelBaby Said,


    I do believe in God and Jesus. The Law of attraction is true Jesus has proved it over and over in the Bible. We should all try to live our lives as Jesus did. If we did the world would be a better place.

    No it is not my picture but I do love Yoga. It is a beautiful exercise to practice.

    I believe we create our own demons with our thoughts and actions. Angels are our gift from God because he loves us so much. The help us through out our lives.

    I believe people have the right to do whatever they feel is right. I am do not want to judge anyone because I am not perfec, I am human. Just like the story of the man who lived in the glass house.

    I really don’t feel that you had any bad intentions with your questions, I think you were just curious. I don’t mind people asking me questions at all, I answer all questions honestly. I hope I have answered all of your questions, if you have more just ask.

    Love and Blessings,

  3. Tom Usher Said,

    Hi AngelBaby,

    I’m glad you look to God and Jesus.

    As for the Law of Attraction, the only problem I have with it is how it is being abused. There are several camps regarding this theology. There is yours, and apparently we hold the same view. Then there are those who treat it as magic that cannot be attributed to anyone called God. Then there are those who are offended for God in either case.

    The prosperity preachers often teach a version of the Law of Attraction; however, they are teaching about what Jesus termed getting one’s reward in the here and now. Are you following me here – my point? I would imagine you are.

    As for Yoga, that’s much the same as with the Law of Attraction. Jesus prayed. He meditated. I don’t say he did it ritualistically as commonly used. In fact, I know he didn’t. There is nothing wrong with exercise and stretching and such for the sake of the flesh. Yoga of course is a hugely diverse practice. Just because one finds some of it acceptable or agreeable doesn’t mean that one has accepted all things Yoga. There are traditions held out as Yoga with which I totally disagree. I won’t go into those here though.

    Demons versus angels is as deep a question as any. At this point, I’m now wondering if you believe in radical evil. By that I mean to ask whether or not you believe in metaphysical evil.

    By the way, I too believe in angels. I believe in the one spirit of which I hold angels are each part – the Heavenly host.

    I am one who holds with much that is considered pagan in that I don’t hold with many things that are considered orthodox. I don’t hold with the Fundamentalist view toward religions other than Judaism for instance. The Fundamentalist see no continuity of Jesus with anything non-Judaism. This point of mine could easily be misconstrued. I hold that Jesus fulfilled everything including the deepest aspirations of everyone if each soul will just be honest enough within about it.

    As shocking as it might be for some, in my vision, God is Zeus (Deus); however, people misguidedly attributed things to Zeus (their Most High), just as people still attribute things to God that Jesus does not.

    I believe that depending upon the context, the god of this world is the proverbial Satan while the real God of this world is the kind and degree of love Jesus showed going to the cross (100% harmless and 100% beneficent – zero hypocrisy). Obviously, the bulk of the ancient Greeks as we have them recorded in history didn’t view Zeus as that. One doesn’t know from this time and place whether or not there were any Greeks ever who believed in the God of Jesus even before Jesus was born in the flesh from Mary’s womb – divinity incarnate.

    Lastly, people do have the ability to choose to do what they feel. My knowledge is that it isn’t a right, as in necessarily righteous. I assume here that you were addressing the question of “free love.” What I’m saying here is that if anyone is harmed in anyway that can be discerned, we ought not to do it if possible. In fact, I know that if we as the human race started truly giving and sharing without holding out for profits in mammon, all would unfold before us. All would be amply provided with no damnation awaiting any soul.

    Love and Blessings to you too,

    Tom Usher
    Real Liberal Christian Church and
    Christian Commons Project

  4. Tom Usher Said,

    Here’s an example of The Law of Attraction gone wrong.

    What do I want & how does that make me feel?

    It’s materialism in the face of so much want. All those things without any statement in that post concerning the negatives associated with all those items (I’m thinking damage to the environment). Where’s the Golden Rule?

    Well, I won’t go on. I just ran into that site and thought about my comment above.

    Blessings again to you (and to all).


  5. AngelBaby Said,


    People have interpreted the bible and the law of attraction in many different ways, all for their own purpose and gain. I believe that the most important part of all of it is Love, to forgive and acceptance of others This is what we should be practicing, all the rest is unimportant. Like I said before if we all tried to live our lives like Jesus the world would be a wonderful place.

    It is true that we all chose the way we feel, we should be grateful for all we have been given. God has given us so much, just the Love we receive is amazing. God can be called by any name your choose but he/she is still the same, no matter what. Everything can be twisted any way people want to but the bottom line is Love is all there is.

    Love and Blessings,