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One Terrifying Night ……….

Posted by AngelBaby on October 21, 2009


It was a beautiful night back in the 60’s when my brothers and their friends were off to have a good time. They all piled into the Lark station wagon and started off to the party. My brother Mike was driving, his friend was riding shotgun and my brother John was in the back seat with his friend. They were laughing and telling some great stories about other great times they had together. It was going to be another wonderful time. They were driving down the 101 freeway in Los Angeles there wasn’t much traffic so it was smooth going.

All of a sudden Mike could not steer the car, now they were in the fast lane of the freeway. They were going into the center divider fence at a high rate of speed. All of them were screaming “Oh my God”. Mike was yelling hold on! The car kept careening against the fence taking out one post after another. All you could here was the horrible scraping of the car against the fence and tearing sound of the metal ripping off the car and all the young men in the car yelling oh my God, oh my God hold on. Read the rest of the story here ………

I would love to hear your stories about Angels so please share them with me. I hope you enjoyed this story – let me know how you liked it.

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