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The Soldier and the Angels

Posted by AngelBaby on February 4, 2010


Dennis Fredrickson of Culver City, California, was drafted into the military during the Vietnam War, and like many servicemen and women, he believes in small miracles. When you’ve come that close to death, veterans say, it’s easy to recognize the hand of God.

In fact, Dennis believes that the first miracle he received during this time was a case of double pneumonia from standing guard duty out in the rain all night on the base in Oklahoma, and then working a 20-hour shift before finally going to the hospital. “Spinal meningitis was going around then,” he says, “and although I didn’t get it, the pneumonia was probably the reason that I was not sent to Vietnam, but to Germany.”

He was a good soldier and moved up in rank. “One day we received a call that bullets could be heard overhead,” Dennis says. “My sergeant and I went out to investigate. Sure enough, we could hear the whiz of bullets flying thru the air.” But who was shooting? There was no war going on here. The men finally ………. read the rest of the story here …

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