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Posted by AngelBaby on January 29, 2008

Last April(07) I woke up as if someone had just stabbed me in the foot with a pin. I sat up in a split second from being asleep. I jumped up and headed to the bathroom. Half way there I paused where are you going so fast, the dam isn’t about to break I figured what the hell go get it over with I’m up already. I went in the bathroom and sat down on the throne. Very quickly I realized what was happening, I could feel paralysis setting into my arm and leg. A constant stream of drool was coming from one side of my mouth, and I realized my face was paralyzed also . I realized I was having a stroke.

Written by; Kak

  1. AngelBaby Said,

    I truly believe that your Guardian angels were watching over you. The only way to get your attention was by poking you, it worked. I am glad that it worked, now you have another chance at life.

    I don’t think people realize how hard it is when you don’t have allot of money or a job that provides insurance. Insurance is very expensive. If you don’t have allot of money, the choice between food or insurance, well it will always be food not insurance. It would be good if you could be checked out by a Doctor just to make sure you are ok, now.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with Angels. Come back again soon.

    Love and Blessings,

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  5. dann Said,

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  6. Melissa Quintero Said,

    WOW, Thank GOD for angels. It is tough when there is no insurance. Its so expensive, its a shame insurance companies just dont care. Its good to hear your doing ok. Don’t forget about the county hospitals, you dont have to have insurance to go there. They came through for me when I was in your situation. Take care

  7. KAK Said,

    AngelBaby, KAK(Kevin) has made it back. God I posted this 4 years ago, and I have not killed myself on my motorcycle either. I do the asperin thing and have been fine since. I have taken more responsibility with a motorcycle and do not let it interfere with my work, on hot days I may leave at 3:00, but I go to work otherwise, see, ma raised a sensible boy. Bless you girl……………………Kevin

  8. AngelBaby Said,


    Wow! Nice to see you! I am happy to know that you are alright and doing well. Do take care on your Motorcycle, don’t go faster than your Guardian Angels can fly! I hope you come back again soon. 😀

    Have a wonderful day! 😎

    Love and Blessings,

  9. Linda Said,

    WOW! That’s quite a story. I wish you all the best and glad to hear you seem to be OK. Your not married and don’t even date because of lack of money? How narrow minded to assume anyone you would date or marry would automatically be of financial burden to you. Any women worth their salt including myself are educated, ambitious and self sufficient and quite possibly earn more than you do. Your successful sister telling you your irresponsible has some merit to it but possibly not in the way you may think. After reading your story its clear you were irresponsible by failing to seek medical treatment whether you had medical insurance or not. Did you sister explain that you could have gotten at least basic medical care and a complete examination for little or no money had you only made the phone call to ask? How many things in life do we never realize because we just wont ask for it? It would not be a hand out or welfare but a level of care that would insure you are stable and not a potential burden in the future to taxpayer should you suffer a debilitating stroke and be severely impaired requiring you to be institutionalized. You are not even 100% certain you suffered a stroke because you self diagnosed. You said sister is a medical consultant. Apparently she gave you a free consultation but you choose to disregard it as an insult and instead apply your own uneducated self remedies to yourself when you may have suffered a potentially life threatening stroke? Now that’s irresponsible.

  10. AngelBaby Said,


    Thank you for stopping by, I hope you come back again soon. It is true that he should have sought out medical care, sometimes people also become depressed when they get sick or have a stoke and just don’t take care of themselves. That is when a friend or a loved one needs to step in and help them. Maybe his sister should have helped him get to the doctor. I don’t think I would blame it all on the person that had the stoke as much as the others that knew what happened and did not help. He is doing just fine now which is just wonderful to hear. I think it took allot of strength on his part to get back on his feet and put his life back together again.

    I hope you have a wonderful day!

    Love and Blessings,

  11. Dwyer Said,

    While certainly not his fault for having the initial stroke like episode. I would agree with Linda’s comment when she says he acted irresponsibly after the fact. Ultimately each on of us are responsible for our own heath care.This guy tries to guess what happened. Why it happened, and what caused it to pass. Now apparently years have passed and is sounds as if the guy has done nothing more then self prescribe aspirin. No one can make anyone seek proper medical attention if they are determined to use a “do it yourself diagnosis”. He’s getting the health care he paid for and probably a ticking time bomb. With strategy like that he is his own worst enemy. Maybe he should ask his sister for a couple bucks and get a decent exam 🙂

  12. AngelBaby Said,


    Hopefully now that he is doing better he will seek out medical care and take better care of himself. He is working now and maybe he has insurance too. That would help allot. I am pretty sure at the time all of this happened he didn’t have any money. There are so many people now that are really struggling to get by that allot of people are doing the same thing that Kak did because they have no money and no health insurance. Since the government is going broke allot of the care for people that have no money is going away. That is where the government is cutting to save money so these people have no where to go.

    I hope you have a wonderful day.

    Love and Blessings,