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It is a miracle ……… she is alive ………

Posted by AngelBaby on November 11, 2010

This was published about year ago in World Net Daily. I thought you’d enjoy it.

A Florida mother experienced what she is calling a miracle when her young daughter was presumed drowned in a pool, and three strangers brought the girl back to life. Meagan Durocher, who will turn two later this month, fell into a pool at Bristol Pines in Naples, Florida, Saturday evening while attending a party for her uncle, Naples Police Officer Steve Walden.

The girl was underwater for more than a minute, according to one witness. Kathlene Durocher, Meagan’s mother thanked Naples Police Officer Benjamin Vasquez, one of the people who immediately came to the child’s aid, but has been unable to identify the other two helpers. “They were complete strangers to me,” Durocher said yesterday in an interview with the Naples Daily News. “I don’t know who it was. I want to meet them because they saved the life of my beautiful baby.”

Apparently Meagan slipped into the pool while no one was watching her. Kathlene’s sister pulled Meagan out and brought her to a table. Party-goers began performing CPR on the child, but she did not respond. “I saw it within a foot of me, that child was dead,” Walden said. “The child was purple (with) swelled eyes and swelled black lips.”
Read the rest of the story here

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  1. Barbara Said,

    Thanks for the article. Sometimes angels don’t stick around for the “credit.” 🙂 Have a great weekend! Warmly, Barbara

  2. AngelBaby Said,


    So good to see you here, thanks for stopping by. You are right Angels don’t stick around after their work is done. You can still thank them by just saying thank you because they are listening.

    Have a marvelous day!

    Love and Blessings,