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Posted by AngelBaby on January 7, 2011

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Many angel stories occur in hospitals, and that’s logical, isn’t it? Where better to look for helpers of the spiritual kind? Mary LaGrange, of Greenfield, Wisconsin, would agree. She was concerned when her brother George was admitted to the hospital to have laser surgery on his lower eye lid. Frank had had a previous surgery on that eye lid because of a bout with cancer, and the laser had removed a small portion of lid and his eye lashes. Now his eye was becoming irritated, and the doctor wanted to do the procedure again.

“George was not comfortable about having a second surgery,” says Mary, “so we prayed that someone would help him make the right decision.”

On the evening he was admitted, George was still pondering, when the doctor came into his room. “Are you George LaGrange?” the doctor asked. “I am,” George responded. “I’d like to take some pictures of your eye,” the man explained. “Just follow me,”

More pictures! George had never seen this physician before, and he still wasn’t convinced he was going to have the procedure. But he followed …………… Read the rest of the story here

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