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Two Thoughts on Tuesday – #181 – Update on 2012

Posted by AngelBaby on December 10, 2012

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In response to my recent end-of-days posts,
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NASA has cancelled the end of the world in 12/12/12 – 12/20/12. They say to stay tuned for updates it may happen next year. 😆 All of the drama of the end of the world coming because of some calendar is ridiculous. They probably got tired and said they should be smarter by then so let them figure it out. I think that is what happened with the Mayas and all of the others, they just got tired. I do not know if we are smarter or not but I really doubt that we are going to experience the end of the world this year or next! I really believe that we are going to be just fine. The Earth will still be here for New Years so do not to crazy spending money or anything else because you think the world will end. You will have to clean up that mess for a while and that will not be fun. I am going to sit back and enjoy this incredible journey, it is going to be fun. Will you join me?

Please watch this and you will understand why I think that it will be wonderful

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  1. Cheryl P. Said,

    That video had the most beautiful images. I, too don’t think the world is going to end on Dec. 21st. I wonder if the Mayans just picked that as a cutting off point to see how things were going before starting work on their next calendar.

    I do think that the world inhabitants need to start rethinking how they treat our planet and do a better job. It makes me sad that we pollute, and abuse our natural resources. many lessons we need to learn.


  2. Trina Said,

    Great positive thoughts. I don’t think the world is going to be ending either 🙂


  3. Bud Said,

    Well, AngelBaby, as a scientist, I have no idea what she’s talking about but I agree, the world’s not going to end and I HOPE you’re right, that it’s going to get better.