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Happy Easter – from the Angels and AngelBaby

Posted by AngelBaby on March 30, 2013

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It is important that you believe that the best is yet to come because it is. When you ask for a miracle the process begins to fulfill your request and at the perfect time it will happen. You have to have faith and believe and it will happen. We know that sometimes it is hard to wait because you want it so bad but it is coming so trust us. Believe! We would never disappoint you because we love you so much. We want to help you receive what you want so you are happy and joyful. Know that we are listening and we will do everything we can to help you receive everything you want. It is going to happen just like we told you it would. Just listen to our guidance and we will show you the way to receiving just what you need.

Easter is a celebration of Jesus dieing on the cross and raising from the grave, going to heaven to show us the way. Remember Easter is a time of new beginnings so it is a time to release the old to let in the new. That is why you have baby chicks, Easter eggs and rabbits as a remembrance of new beginnings. We want to help you do this so you can make positive changes in your life. Just ask us and we will be with you right away. We love you more that you can imagine so ask us for help.

If you give up on us then we can’t help you. Trust us we are working on your request and it will be fulfilled at the perfect time. Don’t give up – Don’t stop believing – Don’t stop trusting us. Listen to our guidance and feel our love that is how it is going to become a reality in your life. Know that we love you.

With great love, the Angels

Happy Easter from the Angels and AngelBaby


Love and Blessings,

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