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A Message from the Angels just for You

Posted by AngelBaby on April 6, 2013

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Angels #30

We know we have told you this many times because it is so important for you to know this – Love is all there is. When you loose someone you love dearly you will understand what we mean. None of the material things or the fancy things you thought you needed will mean anything to you anymore. It seems so silly that all of those things were so important, when you would give them all up to have your loved one back. We want you to know that God loves you more than you can imagine. Your are perfect in his eyes and you are pure love, you can not get any better than that. We love you to. God has sent us as his messengers to help and guide you throughout your life because he loves you so much.

We want to help you find happiness, peace, joy and love. Helping you find your passion in life so you will succeed is one of the things we love doing more than anything. We can not interfere in you life’s path unless you ask us to help you. So please call on us with anything you need, we are here for you always. Helping you gives us more joy than you can imagine.

With Great Love,
The Angels

Love and Blessings,

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