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The Brain Waves of Angels

Posted by AngelBaby on March 30, 2011

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By: Sophy Burnham

I am still known, to my amusement, as the Angel Lady. People ask me, “What must I do to see angels?” I give workshops on this question, using exercises that I’ve developed over the years. But recently I’ve started thinking about the question from a scientific angle.

By now many people have heard of the experiments at Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research, known as PEAR, in which ordinary people sit in front of a machine and send it an intention—a thought, a prayer, even a wave of love—to behave in a particular way. At statistically significant levels, the energy affects these inorganic machines. Distance makes no difference. You can send an intention from Australia to Princeton, New Jersey and the machines respond.

The probability of chance being involved is millions to one. Time makes no difference. You can send your intention five days before the machine makes a run, and your intention affects the machines. Or even afterwards! The scientists have determined that what affects the machines is love. Two people in love have seven times the effect on the machines as two people who are not.

I began to wonder: What happens in your brain when you pray for another? When you enter that slightly altered state, that same state that allows you to see the angels surrounding us?

I went to my friend George Pierson, who is trained in the study of brain waves and the Awakened Mind. George set a band with electrodes on my head. Communicating to a computer screen, it recorded the patterns of the four major brain waves—Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta. I could see them on the screen, each denoted in a different color.

In most people, one of the four brain waves is dominant most of the time. George teaches how to access all four brain waves equally and at will and to operate in what is called the Awakened Mind.

But my question concerned angels. “What’s happening,” I asked him, “when I see an angel? It comes most often when I’m loving, often in a state of prayer. I’m going to do it now.” I closed my eyes and brought to mind a person I was praying for. This was not a prayer of words, but silent, heart-felt loving intent.

When I finished George showed me the brain-wave pattern on the screen with all four brain waves perfectly balanced. They filled up the entire computer screen. I was in awe. There! With modern technology I could see the energy that strikes the recipient like a velvet hammer. The energy of love. The power of prayer.

This is how you enter a state in which the angels surround you visibly, palpably, entering your very being. This is the state in which you can move mountains, influence a random-operating machine thousands of miles away across continents and oceans. This is the energy on which the angels ride.

By: Sophy Burnham, Guide Posts

I hope you enjoyed this article. I sure found it interesting, maybe because I am in this state so much of the time and I love it! Let me know what you think.

Love and Blessings,

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