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Where is Laska?

Posted by AngelBaby on June 23, 2011

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I have two beautiful dogs, Shadow who is half husky and malamute,17 years old and my gorgeous Laska a German short haired pointer, 13 months old, it was a Saturday morning early February and I was getting ready to take Laska to obedience class and I went outside but no dogs, I looked and saw the gate had been left open by accident so I quickly went to look for them. Shadow came running back home but Laska was no where to be seen so I jumped in the car and went looking for her everywhere. After 3 hours I was really getting so worried but I kept looking till it was dark. Tears were running down my face I didn’t know what to do, she is the most sweetest loving intelligent dog my boys gave her to me as a surprise she was 7 weeks old she was my little baby. I went to bed that night, could not sleep so I went looking for her again at 2 in the morning but nothing then all day Sunday no sign of her at all I was so frantic she wasn’t used to the road or traffic.

Sunday night I went to bed and I prayed to God and the Angels with all my heart. I asked them to keep her safe from harm to watch over her and bring her home, I kept praying nearly all night. I didn’t go to work, my son made some flyers so I put them up and I got a few phone calls saying they had seen her at the shopping center. How she managed to get there with all that traffic I don’t know. I raced up there but she was had gone the people said she was very distressed it seemed as though she had vanished.

One week had gone by and nothing, then 2 weeks went by I was absolutely heartbroken some of the people at work said I wouldn’t get her back but I couldn’t give up. That night in bed I asked the Angels please help me and I told them how much Laska means to me she is my beautiful little Angel then I felt tingles all over my body like goose bumps. Then I saw the most beautiful flashes of blue I thought I was imagining it because I was so tired. On the weekend took shadow for a walk but it wasn’t the same I was crying I missed my Laska more than anyone could ever imagine. It had been one month since she was gone sometimes I wondered if she would come back but my heart wouldn’t let her go.

One night my son and I were driving home …………….. Read the rest of the story here

Best wishes. Bridget

Love and Blessings,

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