Affirmations to help you feel sexy

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I am irresistible

by Christiane Northrup, M.D.


Now, write on a huge (we are talking big here, really big) mirror above you head in bright red lipstick

I am the sexiest thing ever born

By Barbara Bush


When you have negative thoughts about anything say this every time and it will help you begin to see things in a more positive light.

I care how I feel and I am willing to make an effort to improve the way I feel in the moments that are significant.

By Ester Hicks – Abraham

Be cute for you

Author unknown


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6 Responses to Affirmations to help you feel sexy

  1. Sweetie says:

    I feel sexy because I AM SEXY!

  2. This is surey a bomb.It’s so easy to think and feel bad about ourselves and our lives due to the circumstances we find ourselves in and the negative believes we are always bombarded with daily in society.

    Affirming which is like setting a vortex of positive energy in motion is empowering and uplifting but then, we all have to form the habit of living in love and light always instead of drifting in and out of this very positive sea of pure consciousness.

    We have to use affirmations always as we are always doing it unconsiously everyday, in our thoughts. We do have choice and the choice is to be able to displine ourselves in order to affirm always only that which we want.

    And am I sexy…oh yes, you bet I Am.

  3. AngelBaby says:


    You are so right on, it is so easy to have the bad feelings about ourselves. It takes practice to change those feelings to positive ones. Affirmations are a good way to change the way we feel about ourseves.

    I am glad that you feel very sexy! I do too!

    Love and Blessings,

  4. AngelBaby says:


    I am happy that you are sexy. All of us need to feel good about ourseves. I can see that you are on the right path.

    Love and Blessings,

  5. Jonathan says:

    I wonder how many ways I will discover today to be reminded of my beauty 🙂

  6. AngelBaby says:

    I hope you discover many many ways to feel your beauty today and everyday because you are beautiful inside and out.

    Love and Blessings,

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