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Posted by AngelBaby on January 21, 2011

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She was my Angel, sent to comfort me when I felt so lost and alone

Tony was a lost and confused 22 year old in his senior year of college, he says.
He was deeply depressed and didn’t know how to get out of it. Of course, alcohol was
an easy and convenient way, and available wherever he went.

“One night, my roommate and I had a party,” Tony says. “My younger brother and
sister drove up from our hometown to come as well. It was late into the night and I
was pretty intoxicated—it had become almost a ritual for me to get drunk and then
think even more about the pain I was trying to make go away. This would result in me
crying to whomever was around. Tonight was no different and I was talking to my

Eventually Tony went to the bathroom. While in there, he noticed an almost-full
bottle of prescription painkillers. He remembered them. He had used them
temporarily after knee surgery. “Being young and intoxicated, a deadly combination
for impulsiveness, I decided right then and there to end my life,” Tony says. He
swallowed every pill, and then sat on the floor, waiting. Suddenly a moment of
clarity came over him. It’s like when you’re sitting in a dark room on a cloudy day
and the sun breaks through the clouds and the room just lights up. This is how I
felt and I suddenly realized that I wasn’t ready to die…I wasn’t ready to leave my
family and I wanted to fight this rather then end it.”

Chaos reigned as someone called an ambulance, and Tony was taken out of his
apartment on a stretcher, in front of his shocked siblings. The next several hours
passed in a blur, but eventually the emergency room personnel released Tony. He
hadn’t slept, and felt as if a train had run over him. He stood in front of the
hospital, waiting for his siblings to get the car and bring it around. There was
just one person waiting too, in the middle of this night, a short, red-haired woman
wearing glasses. She tried to make small talk, but Tony was short with his answers.
He was still somewhat dazed. Had he really tried to kill himself?

The woman was talking again. “Why are you here?” she asked him.He was going to brush
her off again, but something stopped him. He thought to himself, “Tony, if you’re going
to try and beat this and get yourself better, you might as well start being honest with
other people about what’s going on.” Although she was a complete stranger, he found
himself telling her what he’d done. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry,”the woman responded.
It was okay, Tony told her. He had been depressed, and wasn’t thinking right, but
now he wanted to try and get better. It was getting cold so he went inside. He sat
down on a bench in the dark deserted vestibule. Everything that had happened in the
past several hours came flooding back, overwhelming him, and he put his knees to his
chest, buried his head and began to cry. What was he going to do? How was he going
to explain this to everyone?

“Then I felt an arm come around my shoulder,”Tony says. “I Iooked up and there was
this same red-haired woman. ‘It’s ok,’ she said, “and it will be ok. You’re here
now and that’s what matters.” “It’s amazing what effect a few simple words can have.
I realized she was right…I didn’t die, I was still here. That was my first step to
get better, understanding that I wanted to try and get help. A few seconds after she
said that, she was called back to the ER. I never saw her again.”

A great weight left Tony’s shoulders in the short time that the woman held him.
“It was exactly what I needed at that moment, as if God sent her there just so I could
have a few minutes of comfort,” he says.

That was five years ago. Tony went through several months of therapy and has
discovered ways to cope with his depression. “I’m proud to report that I’m happy
and healthy and have been for quite awhile,”he says. And he’ll never forget the
woman who was there at the perfect moment. “I believe that she was my angel, sent
to comfort me when I felt so lost and alone. No one, to this day, has ever had
such an effect on me.”
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My Guardian Angel

Over twenty years ago when Elizabeth Darby was a hospital nurse in San Angelo,Texas,she had to have back surgery. The surgery was a
success and sometime later,Liz returned to work. “One day we got a patient who had to be transferred from a stretcher to the bed,” she says. “I went into the room to help, but the other nurse discouraged me.”

“You’ve had surgery—you don’t need to be doing any lifting,” one told her. The others agreed. Liz has no idea where the impulse came from, but she suddenly gestured over her right shoulder with her thumb. “That’s okay,” she said, smiling. “Meet Cletus, my angel. He does all my heavy lifting.” Everyone laughed, but Liz did help, and the patient was soon settled comfortably.

Liz had always believed in guardian angels, but she had never named hers, nor had she spoken about her belief to anyone. (Twenty years ago, angels were not as popular as they are now.) Why had she mentioned it? She had no answer, but as the days passed, Liz began to notice something strange. Whenever she was called upon to lift a heavy weight (usually a patient), she could do it easily. “Usually they were dead weight too, around 180 to 200 pounds,” she says, but they were no problem for her.

Had she suddenly developed amazing strength? That was the other unusual feature: Liz could lift easily ONLY at work. At home she had the usual difficulties. A forty-pound bag of salt for her water softener was about the best she could do. This situation continued for at least eighteen years, until Liz finally retired.

“Now, in another life, I am the owner of a religious gift shop and although my weight lifting limit is only 25 or 30 pounds, I know I can still rely on Cletus when the need is there,” Liz says today. “We are all so blessed by God to have these amazing helpers with us to guard our steps, guide our decisions and just be our “best friend.”
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Man on the Hill

John White had moved west to Kingman, Arizona, where he was the general sales manager at a Ford dealership. “Sometimes I drove trade-ins home at night to see if we wanted to keep them for resale,” John says. He lived in Bullhead City, and not only had to travel a rather dangerous stretch on a mountain pass, but also watch out for unsavory characters known to also travel the road.

One night John had just reached the top of that treacherous mountain pass, when the used car went dead. “No lights, no power brakes or steering…” John recalls. Somehow he guided it through the winding curves, pulled it off the highway and came to a stop in pitch darkness.

Relief overwhelmed him. But he had no lights. How could he attract help? And what if he attracted a criminal instead of a “good guy?” It would be hours until the sunrise…

Awhile later, a police car came by, traveling somewhat slowly. John waved with all his might, and somehow the officer saw him. “I’m heading for a conference in Laughlin, Nevada,” the officer told John as he sized up the situation. “I can give you a ride to Bullhead City.”

What a relief! John couldn’t believe his luck. As the two men talked, John discovered that his rescuer used to be an FBI agent, and now worked for the Flagstaff Police Department. Even better, when they got to Bullhead, the officer volunteered to drive John to his door. “It’s not that far out of my way,” he said, and a few moments later, John was getting out of the car and turning to shake the man’s hand.

The police car pulled away just as John’s wife opened the front door. “I saw the police officer,” she said to John. “Is anything wrong?”

“Everything is fine,” John assured her, and told her of his luck in being rescued by a police officer.

“I hope you said thank you,” his wife nudged.

“I did, but I never got his name. Maybe I should write him a note.”
The following morning, John called the Flagstaff Police department. He was surprised to learn that no one matched the description of his rescuer and further, none of their officers were former FBI agents. They sent John to the highway patrol, who sent him to the sheriff’s department, with the same results. Had he misunderstood? No, he remembered that conversation, almost word for word. “If it hadn’t been for my wife, who also saw me getting out of the police car, I might have thought I was losing my mind,” John says. But now, there was nothing left to do.

About six months later, it dawned on John that the man could have been a guardian angel. “Maybe I would have been killed on that mountain road, by a car or a group of robbers, but God had other things for me to do,” he says today. John has become a Christian, trying to bring others to the joy that he now knows. As for the police officer, he did say that he “worked” for the police department. Let’s hope many angels do.
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Where is Laska?

I have two beautiful dogs, Shadow who is half husky and malamute,17 years old and my gorgeous Laska a German short haired pointer, 13 months old, it was a Saturday morning early February and I was getting ready to take Laska to obedience class and I went outside but no dogs, I looked and saw the gate had been left open by accident so I quickly went to look for them. Shadow came running back home but Laska was no where to be seen so I jumped in the car and went looking for her everywhere. After 3 hours I was really getting so worried but I kept looking till it was dark. Tears were running down my face I didn’t know what to do, she is the most sweetest loving intelligent dog my boys gave her to me as a surprise she was 7 weeks old she was my little baby. I went to bed that night, could not sleep so I went looking for her again at 2 in the morning but nothing then all day Sunday no sign of her at all I was so frantic she wasn’t used to the road or traffic.

Sunday night I went to bed and I prayed to God and the Angels with all my heart. I asked them to keep her safe from harm to watch over her and bring her home, I kept praying nearly all night. I didn’t go to work, my son made some flyers so I put them up and I got a few phone calls saying they had seen her at the shopping center. How she managed to get there with all that traffic I don’t know. I raced up there but she was had gone the people said she was very distressed it seemed as though she had vanished.

One week had gone by and nothing, then 2 weeks went by I was absolutely heartbroken some of the people at work said I wouldn’t get her back but I couldn’t give up. That night in bed I asked the Angels please help me and I told them how much Laska means to me she is my beautiful little Angel then I felt tingles all over my body like goose bumps. Then I saw the most beautiful flashes of blue I thought I was imagining it because I was so tired. On the weekend took shadow for a walk but it wasn’t the same I was crying I missed my Laska more than anyone could ever imagine. It had been one month since she was gone sometimes I wondered if she would come back but my heart wouldn’t let her go.

One night my son and I were driving home and he said to me mum I think you have to face the fact Laska is not coming home I will buy you a new pup. Then I got all those tingles again and I saw flashes of blue everywhere. I said to my son, “Cant you see all those flashes what are they?” Of course he didn’t see them, and that night I had a dream of Laska and so did my son I just kept having faith, but everyone said. “She is such a beautiful dog someone is keeping her you will never get her back.” Seven weeks had passed I was on an emotional roller coaster but I kept hoping, When I looked at all her toys that I still kept and her bed beside mine, I would think how much I love her then I would see little sparkles of blue.

Well 2 months had passed it was a Monday I got home from work, I took shadow for a walk in the park with my friend and his dog. We were sitting on the park bench thinking how Laska, Shadow and Milo would play together. At that point I think I reached my lowest and just broke down I couldn’t stop crying and praying to God and the Angels. I said to my self if I could just get that one phone call that someone had found her. All the way home my tears fell but I kept getting goosebumps so strongly. When I reached home and went inside my son was on his mobile that was the miracle phone call . Laska had been found my prayer had been answered!

She had been found wandering on a farm which turned out to be almost 75 km away. The man who had her had a friend of a friend that new the people on the farm, they said this dog showed up, they had her for 2 weeks but they already had dogs so they asked if he wanted her. They said they new a man who used to have German pointers and that’s how he got her. Luckily laska had been micro chipped and he found out our details. He rang my son at about 6 pm my son was supposed to be at work but something made him take the night off otherwise I would have no idea how to get there.

Everything fell into place so we left that night to get my Laska. All the way there I couldn’t stop thanking the Angels, all along they were trying to tell me don’t worry we are looking after her. They truly guided and watched over her that’s why I saw the flashes of blue letting me know everything was alright.

When we got to the mans place of work she was in his factory wand. Then I saw my baby Laska I knelt down with tears pouring out of my eyes she came up to me and put her head in my arms, looking up at me and shaking with relief she had lost so much weight but was safe and sound . . The man was so happy that we had been reunited he said to me this is a miracle it is destiny . Now she has put on weight and so happy I thank God and the Angels everyday for my blessing and I have learned never lose faith and hope and to be grateful for everything in my life.

Best wishes. Bridget

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You Never Know ……… Who is Watching

Debe’s mother-in-law passed away in Wisconsin during January, not the easiest time of year for a funeral. With so many friends and family members traveling to say their last goodbyes, the family decided to hold a memorial service at the funeral home chapel instead of at the gravesite. “We put her photos and favorite memories out for all to see,” Debe says. “One item I wanted to have on display was an angel that had fiber optics in her outstretched wings.” Debe and her husband had given the angel to his mother the previous Christmas, and she loved looking at it and watching the colors changing on the wings.

“On the morning of the service, I had some new batteries, just purchased, and I put them into the angel to be sure it would light up,” Debe says. “But nothing happened.” Maybe she hadn’t put them in correctly. Debe asked her husband to see if something was wrong with the batteries. While she finished dressing, he checked them out again. “You put them in right, but I did it again,” he told her. “They still won’t light.”

By now it was 9 AM and the family was to meet at the funeral home chapel at 9:30. Maybe something had broken inside the angel? But everything looked fine. “We have to go,” Debe’s husband told her. He had taken out the batteries to try again (although she didn’t know it) and they had run out of time. “Let’s just have the angel sitting by her photo,” he suggested as he went to start the car.

Debe was terribly disappointed. The lighted angel would have made the display so beautiful…She buttoned her coat and picked up the angel. Just one more try… She flipped the switch, and the angel lit up. Shocked, Debe turned the angel over to see if the batteries were locked in… She opened the compartment. There were no batteries inside.

Heart pounding, Debe looked around, and saw the 4 AA batteries on the table. She snapped them in as her husband pulled up. “Oh, you found some other batteries,” he said, looking at the angel’s beautiful glow. “Uh huh,” Debe murmured. They were the same batteries, the ONLY batteries, she knew, but she could not tell him yet. If they had ever wondered where their mother was, they knew now that she was closer to them than she’d ever been.

A few days later, Debe told her husband what had happened. He had no trouble believing it. “Well,” he said, “that’s Mom. She wanted to have that angel at her service. And she did.”

“You see?” Debe points out. “You never know when angels are around!”
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Come to Me!

I was alone, injured and cold in what seemed to be a valley, when I heard a voice saying, “Come to me”. Who was that calling me? Where was she? It did sound like a woman’s voice. Am I hearing things? After all I am out here all alone. I knew I was in shock from the accident, am I hallucinating? I have no idea where I am or what happened.

I know I was driving to my friends house over a very winding mountain road and the next thing I knew I was down in this valley struggling to get out of my car. I must have rolled my car down the mountain. I need to find my cell phone but how it is so dark and cold. Then I heard the voice again, “Come to me!” I decided to follow where the voice seemed to be coming from. As I stumbled over the rocks and brush, I heard it again only this time it was more urgent, “COME TO Me!” Am I going the right way? It was so difficult to walk and the rocks and brush made it worst. Then I saw what seemed to be a cloud of light that was shaped like a person, it said “follow me.”

All of a sudden I heard this big explosion, it was so loud! What was that? There was smoke and fire, was it my car? I looked back and it was my car, Oh my God. I tried to walk a little faster but it was so difficult because my leg felt like it was broken and my head hurt so bad. After following her for a little while I came to a clearing and there was a house not far away. I think I can make it to the house. It was such a struggle but I managed to get to the house and knock on the door.

When they answered the door they were shock to see me because I was covered in blood from my head injury. They helped me inside and told me they had called the police because it sounded like there was a big explosion. I told them it was my car that exploded after I had gotten out of it. They were shocked. The man at the house called for an ambulance and let the operator know that my car had exploded. She tried to take care of me while we waited for help to arrive. She asked, “What is your name young man?” “Jim, my name is Jim.” The blanket she laid over me felt so good, I was warmer. Her gentle voice was very reassuring.

Soon the police and the ambulance arrived. Thank God help has arrived, I think I will make it. The paramedics got me into the ambulance and to the nearest hospital. The doctors said I was going to be alright and admitted to the hospital and would be here for a few days. They were going to do surgery on my leg, I had a few broken ribs and a concussion. What a relief to know that I was not seriously injured. Soon my family arrived, I was so happy to see them.

I know that the woman calling me was an Angel. She saved my life that night by getting me away from my car before it exploded and to people that could help me. I never believed in Angels before but I do now and they are wonderful. I thank God for the Angels and for sending them to me that night.

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